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Bill Kelso Mfg  |  UK

Manufacturers of classic premium quality period accurate flying jackets

We are a high end quality leather boutique producing handmade leather garments since the 1980s. Our love for vintage leather jackets lead to the birth of Bill Kelso Mfg brand name under which we manufacture high quality/exact replica WWII flying jacket reproductions and vintage style jackets since 2008.

Our goal is to reproduce jackets as closely as possible to the originals and the best way to do it is by recreating the actual patterns from existing vintage original jackets that have survived until today. Sourcing those original jackets as well as all the right materials has been extremely time-consuming, difficult and costly.

All our jackets are Made-To-Order and produced exclusively in our workshop, by our very experienced leather outerwear specialist, one at a time.  In the making of these fine garments we use only the best quality materials, methods and techniques of the early 20th century. The jackets we produce not only look the part, but they are made with the specifications and high standards of a bygone era when everything they made was built to last. You will find that our jackets have extreme attention to detail, are very durable and also have those high aesthetics and desired trim fit that vintage jacket enthusiasts are after.

Finally, our jackets are classic pieces that are always in fashion and can be worn through generations!

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