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Thank you for your business.  Here is some preliminary information and policies for our retail partners.  Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

How to Place an Order

  • Fill up our order form and email us

  • Order cannot cancel once placed


Payment Terms

  • All products are priced Ex-Work in Hong Kong Dollar

  • Payments to Hardcore Co Ltd may made via Wire Transfer / Cheque / LC / Credit Card / PayPal / Alipay.  (4% handling fees to be applied the Credit Card and Paypal payment)

  • Account info for payment

  • Local : Cash on delivery

  • Overseas : 30% deposit to begin production, balance due upon completion to ship

Minimum Orders / Volume Discounts

  • Minimum HK$8,000 net purchase for opening account order.  No min request from 2nd order.  But order under HK$1,000 will be freight collect.

  • Volume discounts are applied to qualify for net purchase amount over HK$300,000

Shipping Policies

  • Local : Free local shipping to 1 specific location

  • Oversea : Price is in Ex-Work Hong Kong.  All shipments are made on the retail partner’s account with their shipping service of choice (i.e. Fedex, DHL, UPS or other specific carrier).

  • Partial shipment should be acceptance

  • Once the merchandise delivered to customer’s specific carrier, Hardcore will not take responsibility of damage, lost and missing during the transportation.

  • 20% of invoice amount storage fees to be charged consignee if the goods not taken more than 2 weeks.

Suggest Retail Price and Discount Policies

  • Retailer should set the retail price not lower than our MAP

  • Products may be discounted upon our approval, if they meet the following requirements.

  1. At least 2 seasons old

  2. Style to be discontinued

  3. Sales Season i.e. X’Max, New Year, End of the season...etc.

Return Policies

Any damage or shortage needs to be reported within 7 days of receipt.  We will replace product or credit if they are defective or damaged.  For any quality issues or concerns, please send us a picture of the product(s) in question to us for review. 

Opening an Account

Please fill up the information below for future billing and shipping.



感謝您們的支持. 以下是我們與零售合作夥伴的資訊和政策. 如果你們有任何疑問, 歡迎隨時聯繫我們.


  • 填寫我們的訂單並發電子郵件給我們

  • 訂單一經下單就無法取消


  • 所有產品均以港幣,香港出廠價

  • 付款到Hardcore Co Ltd, 可通過電匯 / 支票 / 信用證 / 信用卡 / PayPal / 支付寶(信用卡和PayPal須要額外支付4%的手續費)

  • 付款帳戶信息

  • 本地:貨到付款

  • 海外:訂金30%, 送貨前須繳付餘下款項


  • 開立賬戶訂單的最低採購額為HK$8,000.  以後沒有最低要求, 但訂單低於HK$1,000將運費到付

  • 批量折扣適用於採購金額超過HK$300,000


  • 本地:免費本地送貨到1個特定地點

  • 海外:價格為Ex-Work香港. 由香港至客戶之運輸費用均由客戶負責, 並由客戶提供其選擇的送貨服務商(例如: Fedex,DHL和UPS等).

  • 貨品均有可能分段到貨

  • 一旦商品交付予客戶特定的承運商,Hardcore將不承擔運輸過程中任何損壞, 遺失及缺少的責任.

  • 如果貨物超過 2 週未取貨,則需向收貨人收取發票金額 20% 的倉儲費.


  • 零售商應將零售價設定為不低於我們的最低建議零售價

  • 如果產品符合以下要求,則可在我們批准後進行折扣優惠

  1. 至少2個季度前的舊型號

  2. 已經停產的型號

  3. 季節性銷售, 例如 : 聖誕節, 新年, 季度結束


任何損壞或短缺需要在收貨後7天內報告. 如果產品有缺陷或損壞, 我們將對其進行更換或退貨. 如有任何質量問題或疑慮, 請向我們發送相關產品的圖片給我們進行審核.


請填寫以下相關信息, 以便日後發貨之用。

Customer Application
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