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Duluth Pack  |  USA

Made in the USA since 1882

We make our bags at home in the USA.  Always have. Always will.


Today, Duluth Pack's customer base and community has grown international, invoking adventure, not just for outdoor enthusiasts but for everyday life. Although the canoeing lifestyle will forever be engrained in the company’s heritage, the brand has evolved with its customers and their lifestyles. Duluth Pack is a community of not only outdoors people, but gear experts. The team’s mission is to support and honor the company’s American legacy and core values.

Duluth Pack gear is handcrafted to be handed down. What materials and craftsmanship go into a Duluth Pack product are what makes it the leader in the outdoor industry. Duluth Pack gear and bags have endured the test of time. The Duluth Pack brand and company have survived two World Wars, The Great Depression, and a Global Pandemic. Duluth Pack is older than penicillin and sliced bread – making it the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer in the United States of America. The company is resilient and has endured. Only, proudly, and continuously made in Duluth, MN, USA since 1882.


By Duluth Pack’s employees, in Duluth Pack’s building, handcrafting Duluth Pack gear.

All Duluth Pack manufactured products have three tags on the inside. The first being the Duluth Pack tag. This ensures you received an authentic and real Duluth Pack manufactured item. The second tag is the Made in the USA flag tag. We are incredibly proud to solely manufacture our products in America since 1882. The final tag is the Handcrafted By tag. The craftsperson who handcrafts your Duluth Pack product just for you hand signs each product that they sew from start to finish. That is the definition of pride in your work. You can meet your craftsperson here.


Your story matters to us and we love hearing your Duluth Pack memories. Please do us a favor by sharing your story and join the Pack today.

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